Al Waha Training Group

An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.

Al Waha Group is committed to excellence and excellence in performance by providing a consistent set of training activities in order to meet the needs of its customers and to cope with rapid changes in the face of intense competition and rapid development in the world of knowledge and technology. (Training programs – workshops – training diplomas – conferences and forums) for the private and public sectors with the highest standards of quality training standards and the highest standards and disciplined scientific methodology aimed at achieving the real added values, D oasis customers to measure the return of investment in training with continuous development and improvement.

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Diplomas and professional training

Al Waha Education and Training Foundation contributes to the creation and construction of qualified and efficient human resources capable of meeting the demands of the Libyan Local market. It offers many diplomas such as Diploma of Administrative Leadership, Strategic Planning Leadership, Professional Diploma and others.

General and Contractual training programs

Al Waha Company prepares and implements training programs and workshops specially designed for institutions, agencies, government companies and the private sector in various training fields. We offer programs according to their training requirements both inside and outside the facility.

Distance learning and study and consulting services

Al Waha Training Group is partnering with regional and international training centers and institutions and connecting them through the modern video communications systems and systems to the highest international standards.

Research studies and Consultations

The Waha Group has taken special care and attention to the continuous development of its research and advisory services through its adherence to international standards, with the aim of achieving high levels of professionalism, professionalism and accuracy.

Perfection and hard work

We support and enhance research and advisory services, and build beneficial partnerships for technology transfer and localization of knowledge in society.

Al Waha Training

Welcome to the future

Al Waha Training Group is specializing in consultancy and training that we offer over 160 high quality training courses in all fields and at various levels.
Those courses are up-to-date, performance-focused and delivered by leading industry experts and professional facilitators.
Al Waha Training Group leads the way in providing practical and informative training on a wide range of commercial, business and professional topics.
Our training programs and consultations are conducted in areas such as; Management and Leadership, Oil and Gas, Finance and Accounting, HR, IT, Project Management plus many more. These are held in many different location Libyan cities.

Al Waha Training Vision

To be an institute of excellence in education and professional training, by providing a conducive environment that aiming to help individuals to identify and achieve their development, growth and career goals.
Serve the society by taking part in industrial, scientific, innovation, academic and entrepreneurship activities, those will transform through quality education and training.

Al Waha Training Mission

To provide professional and strategic consultancy and high quality training and learning experiences to meet our clients’ needs through a work methodology in designing and implementing training programs and consultation sessions.
We facilitate professional and personal excellence, enhance organizational effectiveness, and contribute to the current and future success of organizations by creating an environment conducive to creativity, innovation, and research besides organizing lectures, workshops and conferences.

Al Waha Training

Welcome to the future

Al-Waha Group

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Program Name Program Code Category Location Duration
Simplifying administrative procedures and developing work systems and methods.
And T.o 0.102
Management, leadership and personal skills
Tripoli 1 week